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Tub and shower surrounds should not only protect your bathroom wall but they should look good doing it too. Hotel Vanities International can provide the product that best fits your needs and budget from simple ceramic tile to engineered marble, solid surface, natural granite and fancy imported Italian tiles. View our Engineered Marble Binder

Engineered Marble & Solidstone
Engineered Marble & Solidstone Surrounds
Engineered Marble or Solidstone™ tub and shower surrounds are the best product available for the hospitality industry. They are extremely durable, stain resistant and easy to maintain. They are available in smooth surface with a matte or gloss finish or in numerous simulated tile patterns.


Meets or exceeds ANSI Z124.3 or ASTME E-162 standards.

  • Available for new construction or renovation.
  • Can be installed over existing tile, saving dollars and room down time.
  • Available in standard kits and custom sizes.

Panel Styles

Granite Surrounds
The lasting beauty of Natural granite is hard to replace or duplicate. You can have Natural Stone Surrounds in your property for less than you might think. The stone is quarried and then cut into panels 1 cm thick. A strong layer of fiberglass is then laminated and heat sealed onto the back side of the panel before it is polished. As with all natural stone products, a good sealer is required to maintain the products beauty. These 1 cm granite panels can be installed right over existing tile, saving dollars and room downtime.

Granite panels are available only with two piece back panels. Seam covers and ceiling trim are optional. Granite panels can also be used as wainscoting in public baths.

Tile Surrounds

Hotel Vanities International is a large distributor of all types of tile from all over the world. Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Marble and Grainte. You choose the material and the color and we will provide you with the best product at budget friendly pricing.


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